Suleiman Nabulsi's cabinet

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Suleiman Nabulsi's cabinet
Sulayman Nabulsi.jpg
Date formed29 October 1956 (1956-10-29)
Date dissolved10 April 1957 (1957-04-10)
People and organisations
Head of stateKing Hussein
Head of governmentSuleiman Nabulsi
No. of ministers11
Member partyNational Socialist Party
Status in legislatureMajority
Election(s)1956 general election
Legislature term(s)10th Parliament (4 years)
PredecessorFourth cabinet of Hashim
SuccessorFirst cabinet of Al-Khalidi

The 1956 election for the lower House of Representatives was held on 21 October in Jordan. The election witnessed the emergence of the National Socialist Party (NSP) as the party with the greatest number of seats—12 out of 40. Thus, King Hussein asked Suleiman Nabulsi (leader of the party) to form a government.

Nabulsi's cabinet, Jordan's only elected parliamentary government, lasted from October 1956 till April 1957. It was forced to resign on 10 April 1957 by senior royalist officials after its policies frequently clashed with that of the Palace. Ali Abu Nuwar, a nationalist army chief of staff who was said to have sympathized with Nabulsi's ousting, was alleged to have arranged a coup attempt on 13 April.

The Cabinet consisted of 11 ministers: seven ministers from the NSP, one from the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, one from the Communist Party, and two independents.[1]


King Hussein, Ali Abu Nuwar (Army Chief of staff) and Nabulsi's cabinet celebrating the annulment of the 1948 Anglo-Jordanian treaty, sometime in March 1957.
Minister Office Party
Suleiman Nabulsi Prime Minister National Socialist Party
Abdel Haleem Nimir Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense National Socialist Party
Anwar Khateeb Minister of Public Works National Socialist Party
Shafeeq Irsheidat Minister of Justice and Minister of Education National Socialist Party
Na'eem Abdel Hadi Minister of Economy National Socialist Party
Saleh Muasher Minister of Health National Socialist Party
Salah Touqan Minister of Finance National Socialist Party
Abdullah Rimawi Minister of Foreign Affairs Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
Abdel Qader Al-Saleh Minister of Agriculture Communist Party
Sam'an Daoud Minister of Construction Independent
Saleh Majali Minister of Transportation Independent


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Preceded by
Fourth cabinet of Hashim
Cabinet of Jordan
October 1956 – April 1957
Succeeded by
First cabinet of Al-Khalidi