Sumerian Daemons

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Sumerian Daemons
Sumerean Daemons.jpg
Studio album by Septic Flesh
Released February 18, 2003
Recorded Studio Fredman, Sweden, May–June 2002
Genre Symphonic metal, melodic death metal, industrial metal
Length 56:06
Label Hammerheart
Producer Fredrik Nordström
Septic Flesh chronology
Revolution DNA
(1999)Revolution DNA1999
Sumerian Daemons
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 9.5/10 stars[1]

Sumerian Daemons is the sixth studio album by the Greek death metal band Septic Flesh. It was released by Hammerheart Records (now known as Karmageddon Media) in 2003. It was originally the band's final album before they disbanded later the same year, until they reformed in 2007.

The cover art for the album was a real background constructed in accordance with Spiros' instructions by a Greek FX team that usually works for films and advertisements, called the Alahouzos Bros.

The words "Demon resurrection passages from The Book of the Dead" and "Two hours since I've translated and spoken aloud the demon resurrection passages from The Book of the Dead" in "Unbeliever" (2:29-2:32 and 3:56-4:03) come from horror movie Evil Dead II.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Sotiris V..

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Behold... the Land of Promise" Christos A. 2:10
2. "Unbeliever" Spiros A. 4:52
3. "Virtues of the Beast" Spiros A. 5:17
4. "Faust" Christos A. 5:09
5. "When All is None" Spiros A. 4:38
6. "Red Code Cult" Sotiris V. 4:09
7. "Dark River" Spiros A., Sotiris V., Christos A. 3:56
8. "Magic Loves Infinity" Sotiris V. 3:58
9. "Sumerian Daemon" Spiros A. 4:04
10. "Mechanical Babylon" Spiros A. 4:55
11. "Infernal Sun" Sotiris V. 3:26
12. "The Watchers" Sotiris V. 4:14
13. "Shapeshifter" Christos A. 5:12