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Summerset Fox was a Royalist who pleaded guilty to an charge of high treason, for his part in Gerard's conspiracy.


In May 1654 Fox, Peter Vowell, and John Gerard were arrested for plotting to overwhelm Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell's bodyguard, with a party of 30 mounted men, and to assassinate him as he travelled to Hampton Court. Fox's role was to recruit apprentices for the attempt. However, the government received intelligence of the plot and arrests were made.[1]

At their trial by the High Court of Justice sitting in Westminster Hall on 30 June 1654, Fox pleaded guilty.[1] He was one of only two men accused of treason ever to do so, the other being John Amery in 1945.[citation needed] Vowell and Gerard were found guilty and executed. Fox was transported to Barbados as he had confessed.[2] There is no record of him having survived beyond The Restoration.[citation needed]


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