Summertime Blues (1984 film)

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Summertime Blues
Directed byYaky Yosha
Produced byAlex Hacohen
David Shapira
Written byYaky Yosha
StarringYuval Banai
Anat Azmon
Eyal Geffen
Shimon Israeli
Tali Kaufmann
Rivka Michaeli
Yaron London
Music byShmulik Kraus
Release date
  • 1984 (1984)
Running time
90 minutes

Director Yaky Yosha's Summertime Blues (1984) is a youth drama about the last summer before the army, the last summer altogether.

Although somewhat similar in content to the Lemon Popsicle (Eskimo Limon) series, with a soundtrack full of rock and roll hits and a group of teens pursuing sex, it is a different film than the eighth Lemon Popsicle film four years later, which unfortunately was given the same sub-title – Lemon Popsicle VIII - Summertime Blues.


It is the last summer before the army, an early 1980s Tel-Aviv summer, prior to the 1982 Lebanon War. Four friends are walking on the wild side before life starts walking over them. They have a Rock'n'Roll band and so, they're trying to add some sex and drugs and devour the whole enchilada. It will take them a hot summer to realize how young and naive they still are, how what really turns them on is first love, first heartache and everything in between. The original ending titles shows the protagonists' photos with information on those that died in service.[1]


  1. ^ Alvin H. Rosenfeld Resurgent Antisemitism: Global Perspectives-2013 Page 380 0253008905 - "In a similar vein, the television version of Yaki Yosha's Summertime Blues (1984)—about the summer of several youngsters before they join the army — eliminated the original ending that shows the protagonists' images with information on their deaths in service."

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