Sumner Stone

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Sumner Stone
Born (1945-06-09) June 9, 1945 (age 78)
Venice, Florida, USA
Alma materReed College
Sonoma State University
Occupationtype designer
Notable workITC Stone typeface

Sumner Stone (born 9 June 1945 in Venice, Florida) is a typeface designer and graphic artist.[1] He notably designed ITC Stone[2] while working for Adobe. A specimen of ITC Stone is shown at his personal website.[3]


Stone studied at Reed College, graduating with a degree in sociology in 1967,[4] and earned an MA in Mathematics from Sonoma State University in 1977. After graduating from Reed, he took calligraphy lessons with Lloyd Reynolds.


Lettering Artist, Hallmark Cards. Kansas City, Missouri


Principal, Alpha & Omega Press, Sonoma, California


Director of Typographic Development, Autologic, Inc., Thousand Oaks, California


Director of Typography and Design, Camex, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts


Director of Typography, Adobe Systems, Inc., Mountain View, California: participated in the development of digitizing and editing tools; designed what was to become the ITC Stone typeface family; established and directed the Adobe Originals program; directed the business, technical, and design aspects of producing Japanese fonts in collaboration with the Morisawa company in Japan; invented and participated in the initial development of the Multiple Masters font software

Since 1990, Stone has owned and run the Stone Type Foundry, now located in Guinda, California.


  • Arepo
  • Basalt
  • Cycles
  • Davanti
  • ITC Bodoni[5]
  • ITC Stone (Stone Sans, Stone Humanist, Stone Serif, Stone Informal)
  • ITC Stone II (Stone Sans)
  • Leaves & Straw
  • Magma
  • Munc
  • Numa
  • Popvlvs
  • Sator
  • Scripps College Old Style
  • SFPL
  • Silica
  • Stone Print
  • Tuff


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