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Developer(s)Sumo Ltd.
Stable release
Written inActionScript
TypeGraphics software
SUMO Paint converted a square green two-dimensional image into what appears to be a cube (layered on top of a NASA image of stars). Shown: fictional planet Envaporanium V.
Sumopaint enabled an image of an ocean to be bent upwards to create a fictional innerocean on Planet Hugubu with a hovering power plant.

SUMO Paint is a free online Flash-based image editor similar to Adobe Photoshop.[1][2][3]

SUMO Paint has web-based "paint" features similar in some respects to Pixlr.[4] It was created in 2007 by Sumo Limited[5] and has many of the same tools and features as Photoshop but is geared more toward illustration, where other software such as Photoshop are more suited for heavy image editing.[6] [7] It has been used to teach students how to edit images.[8] Like Photoshop, it has layering capability, image adjustment tools such as changing the color balance, options for blending images, shadows and bevels, filters such as sharpening and blurring.[9] Reviewer Kris Fong of MacWorld magazine described some "quirkiness with certain tools and layers" and noted that it only works with certain file formats such as JPEG, PNG and GIF formats, and only allows users to save images in the JPEG and PNG formats,[9] as well as an internal file format called Sumo files.

There is a support community called with community features, such as uploading, commenting on, and rating images, which are accessible to those with accounts. There is a paid professional version of the software called SUMO Paint Pro which activates features such as a downloadable version of the software which runs on Adobe AIR.


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