Sun Blood Stories

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Sun Blood Stories
Sun Blood Stories shortly before a January 2018 performance as a trio in downtown Boise.
Background information
OriginBoise, Idaho, USA
GenresPsychedelic, Experimental, Blues, Funk
MembersJon Fust
Ben Kirby
Amber Pollard
The lead male singer of Sun Blood Stories performs at the second annual Treefort Music Fest in March 2013; they are a mainstay of the festival.

Sun Blood Stories is a band based in Boise, Idaho, founded in 2011,[1] which is known for its mesmerizing live performances[2] and experimentalism which encompasses high-desert shoegaze moodiness, psychedelia, the blues,[3] and elements of funk.[4] Named after the color of Boise's skies during summer forest fires, their live sound has been liked to modern-day opera and the concept album[5], and a "travelling, shamanistic musical ceremony.[6] They have received international acclaim.[7][8][9] Prince was a part of Amber Pollard's life before she was born, as the musician had touched her mother's belly in passing during his Purple Rain Tour in 1985; Amber, who is of mixed race, was born one month later. She is a vegan. [10]


  • The Electric Years (2007)
  • Early Recording of Early Songs of Sun Blood Stories (2011)
  • Live From the Banana Stand (2015)
  • Samhain Variation: In Flight Air Raid Wake Up I Don't Know (2015)
  • Twilight Midnight Morning (2015)
  • It Runs Around the Room with Us (2017)


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