Sunday Islet (Queensland)

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Sunday Islet
Location Northern Australia
Coordinates 11°55′44″S 143°12′36″E / 11.929°S 143.210°E / -11.929; 143.210Coordinates: 11°55′44″S 143°12′36″E / 11.929°S 143.210°E / -11.929; 143.210
State Queensland

Sunday Islet [1] is a small island in far north Queensland, Australia 1 km north of Cape Grenville in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Queensland, Australia.

On Sunday 31 May 1789, after the mutiny on the Bounty, Captain Bligh and the men who remained loyal to him arrived on the island on the ship's boat. He named it Sunday Island because that day was a Sunday.[2]