SuperGirl (album)

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SuperGirl-Saving Jane.jpg
Studio album by Saving Jane
Released U.S.: June 9, 2008[1]
Recorded 2007-2008
Genre Pop, rock
Label Toucan Cove
Saving Jane chronology
One Girl Revolution
Singles from SuperGirl
  1. "SuperGirl"
    Released: 2008

SuperGirl is a 2008 album released by Saving Jane.


The album was released on June 9, 2008 and features the song "SuperGirl", which is featured on the Danica Patrick website.[2] "SuperGirl" was also named as the official theme song of USA gymnast and Olympic champion Nastia Liukin, when she was contacted by Saving Jane following her listing "SuperGirl" as her most played song on her iPod. It is now the default song which plays when Nastia's official website is loaded. The album is essentially a re-release of One Girl Revolution, but features the song "SuperGirl", written by Marti Dodson and Mats Valentin in Stockholm, Sweden. The album was made available on popular music downloading sites and dance remixes were later made available on iTunes. A video contest was held by the band for fans to win a prize. The contest involved creating an original video using "SuperGirl". The winner of the contest was announced in early July 2008. In 2009, Suzie McNeil covered "SuperGirl" with an accompanying music video.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "What I Didn't Say"
  2. "One Girl Revolution"
  3. "Nicotine"
  4. "Better Day"
  5. "Writing on the Wall (Alcohol)"
  6. "Grace"
  7. "SuperGirl"
  8. "From the Sky"
  9. "Say Please"
  10. "Loser"
  11. "Let Me Down Easy"
  12. "Far from Home"
  13. "Ohio"


  • Marti Dodson - Vocals
  • Pat Buzzard - Guitar
  • Dak Goodman - Drums
  • Bailey Watson - Harmonica