Super Swap

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Super Swap
SuperSwap CoverArt.jpg
Developer(s) Teyon
Publisher(s) Selectsoft
Platform(s) Nintendo DSi (DSiWare)
  • NA: June 21, 2010
  • PAL: January 7, 2011
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player

Super Swap is an action puzzle game developed by Teyon for the Nintendo DSiWare. It is available in the Nintendo DSi Shop for 500 Nintendo DSi Points.[1]


A gameplay screenshot of Super Swap presenting the mechanics.

Super Swap is an arcade puzzle game with elements of a match-3 genre. Blocks fall from the top of the upper screen to the bottom of the touch screen, one by one. A player has to use a stylus to click on blocks and to drag them in one of 4 directions. Dragging enables the player to swap blocks and as the result to remove pieces off the board by making 3-in-a row or more matches. Combos can be only achieved in a horizontal or vertical row. Objects can be swapped even while they're still falling. If blocks pile above the bottom of the upper screen, it is game over.


  • Classic mode - after first 30 blocks fall from the top, blocks will appear only when a player makes a swap or match.
  • Speed mode - blocks are falling down from the top of the screen constantly and faster in each stage.
  • Rows mode - the whole board is filled up with blocks and a player's task is to click and drag rows or columns to make swaps.
  • Death mode - blocks are falling down from the top of the upper screen all the time. The game ends and a player loses when blocks reach the top of the upper screen.[2]


Super Swap received an overall score of 8/10 from Nintendo Life [3] and a 26/30 from[4]


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