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For the Ducati Supermono, see Ducati Supermono.
Supermono Studios
Industry Computer and video game industry
Headquarters London, England
Key people
Tak Fung (CEO)
Dave Ferner (CEO)
Products Games for video game consoles, Sony PSP, Android platform, Apple Inc. App Store
Number of employees
Website Official website

Supermono Studios is a video game publisher and application development studio based in London, UK.[1] It was founded by ex-Lionhead developer Tak Fung and artist Dave Ferner in 2010. They are best known for developing games for the iOS and android, with MiniSquadron and EpicWin being their most successful and popular titles. The studio founder, Tak Fung created his own game development under the name Studio FungFung in 2007.[2] Later when he joined with Dave Ferner in 2010 they renamed the studio Supermono Studios.



EpicWin is a unique application for the iOS that allows the user to gain experience and level-up from doing their everyday chores. It acts as a sort of motivator and to-do list that rewards the user for sticking to their schedule. Reviews have been generally neutral in response stated that the app is "really interesting and fun to-do app" but eventually "may become dull after a while".[3]

Fox Vs Duck[edit]

Fox Vs Duck is a simple but addictive game for the iOS platform. The basic goal is to use the tilt functionality of the iPod or iPhone to save the ducks from the hungry wolf. It has received positive reviews from various sources including The Independent who said “Combines winningly simple gameplay with the most stunning yet understated graphics possible...Beautiful and just a little bit spooky, this is a great buy at 59p.”[4]

Forever Drive[edit]

Forever Drive is a futuristic 3D racing game with the ability for users to create and share content. The game uses a customizable and never-ending race track, as well as customizable vehicles and a levelling up system. Users must race against the clock to gain experience points to level up, unlocking additional features in the process. The game uses a free-to-play business model, where the game is free to download and play but users have the option to pay for in-game credits.[5]


Main article: MiniSquadron

MiniSquadron is an arcade dog fighting game which involves the user taking control of one of many aeroplanes with the objective of defeating waves of enemies in order to advance to another stage. In total there are eight levels of increasing difficulty, over 50 planes to unlock and different weapons to choose from. This is the companies most successful game, as it received positive reviews and made it to #3 on's list of 100 greatest iPhone apps of all time. “Fluid, smooth, and above all a fantastic plane-based shooter.”[6]

Mini Squadron SE[edit]

The game was re-released as a special edition. This brought new features to the game in the form of additional unlockable planes, helicopters, weapons and levels. The special addition also improved on graphics.[7]

Other Platforms[edit]

There are versions of "Mini Squadron" on Android, Palm Pre and Sony PSP. Although the PSP version has not received the same critical success as other versions.[8] It was noted that while it was sold at a competitive price on the PSP Minis sections of the PlayStation Network. The PSP version of the game also does not currently support the multiplayer aspect of the game due to the quick approval rate advertised by Sony for the line of PSP mini games.[9] The non-iOS ports of the game were not published by Supermono Studios but instead were handled on Android and PSP by Grey Fin Studios[10] and Grip Games[11] respectively.

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