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Surrey Lowland Search and Rescue (SURSAR)
Role Search and Rescue, Civil Contingencies
Contact Surrey Search & Rescue (SURSAR)

C/O Woking Police Station
Station Approach
GU22 7SY
United Kingdom

Year founded 2010
Volunteers 67
Charity Number 1144329

Surrey Search and Rescue is a non-profit Lowland search and rescue team based in Surrey, United Kingdom that provides Search and Rescue capabilities to the Surrey Police. In common with most UK SAR teams, SurSARs members are all unpaid volunteers. The team was accepted as a registered charity in England and Wales in October 2011[1] . The organisation was originally set-up in 2010 by Tim Rowsell[2] as a volunteer team to provide Search and Rescue assistance to Surrey Police following an appeal by Simon Jeffs and Kris Manning to form "(lets form) a SAR team in Surrey" on Facebook.

During the first six months of 2011 the unit started to take shape and quickly acquired provisional status to join the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue Teams (ALSAR)[3] and Lowland Search Dogs (LSDOGS)[4] With six operational Search and Rescue Dogs they were approved full membership to LSDogs. During this time the unit was involved in eight searches including the search for missing Sian O'Callaghan from Swindon.[5][6]

In September 2011 a further search dog qualified at the National Assessments, and the unit had now assisted in over 50 searches across the country. Further into the winter the unit had a further dog qualify along with a further 12 search technicians qualify [7] to bring the unit up to 38 volunteers. By the end of 2011 the unit had also seen the number of call outs rise to over 60 for the year.

On Sunday 8 January 2012 Surrey Search and Rescue were successfully assessed and granted complete membership to ALSAR.[8]


Due to the unit's voluntary status the unit relies 100% on donations from the public and local businesses. As well as local support in June 2011 the team was awarded a Lottery Grant for £8657.[9][10]

Charity status[edit]

On 19 October 2011, the group was awarded charity status with the charity number 1144329[11]


Surrey Search and Rescue can only be called out by Surrey Police, the MET Police or by other ALSAR units who need assistance in the location of a person or person who has gone missing.[12]

The table below shows the call outs (and standby's) that the unit have received each year (current year to date (correct at updating)).[13]

Year Call Outs Notes
2011 69 Mar - Dec only
2012 77
2013 68
2014 66 Jan - Oct only


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