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Gender Female or Male
Word/name Hebrew, Greek
Meaning Lily
Other names
Related names Sue, Susie, Susannah, Suzanne
Popularity see popular names

Susan is a feminine given name, from French Susanne, from Late Latin Susanna, from Greek Sousanna, from Hebrew Šošanna, literally meaning "lily".[1]



Common nicknames for Susan include:

In other languages[edit]

  • Persian: سوسن‎‎ (Sousan, Susan) / Tajik: Савсан (Savsan), Tajik: Сӯсан (Süsan)
  • Arabic: سوسن‎‎ (Sawsan)
  • Armenian: Շուշան (Šušan)
  • Chinese: 苏珊 (Sushan)
  • Sujan in Korean (수잔)
  • 蘇珊 in Cantonese ( Soshan)
  • Suzanne in French and Dutch
  • Susanne in German, Danish and Norwegian
  • Hebrew: שושנה‎‎ Shoshana (often shortened to Hebrew: שוש‎‎ Shosh, Hebrew: שושי‎‎ Shoshi)
  • Sosamma in Malayalam
  • Zsuzsanna in Hungarian
  • Susanna in Italian
  • Japanese: スーザン (Sūzan)
  • Susanna, Sanna and Susanne in Swedish
  • Xuxa in Latin origin
  • Zuzanna or Zane in Latvian
  • Zuzana in Czech and Slovak
  • Zuzanna, Zuzia in Polish
  • Susana in Portuguese, Spanish, along with a newly invented form Azucena (the modern Spanish word for "lily")
  • Susanna in Catalan
  • Suzana in Romanian
  • Susanna in Estonian
  • Сузана in Serbian
  • Susen in Switzerland
  • Сюзанна in Russian
  • Σουζάνα (Souzana) or Σωσσάνα (Sosana) or Σουσάννα (Sousanna) in Greek
  • ܫܘܫܢ or ܫܘܫܢܬ (Shushan or Shushaneh) in Assyrian/Chaldean/Aramaic/Syriac
  • Suzan in Turkish
  • Сусанна in Ukrainian
  • Urdu: کنول

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