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For the U.S. Senator From Maine, see Susan Collins

Susan Collins PhD, (born 1964, London) is an English artist and academic. She is currently Slade Professor and Director of the Slade School of Fine Art.[1]

Collins works with digital media. She was director of the "Tate in Space" a Bafta nomininated project which launched the "Tate Satellite" which is visible from earth.[2] Other works have included "In Conversation" where internet users could talk to people in the street via an animated mouth[3] and "underglow" which illuminated drains in City of London.[4]


Seascape is a digital work that consists of a series of gradually unfolding digital seascapes, featured at the De La Warr Pavilion These digital seascapes were captured in real time by webcams installed at five key coastal vantage points on the South Coast between Margate and Portsmouth. The webcams were sited at each location for up to a year before the start of the show, recording fluctuations in the light that are a characteristic feature of the English coastline.

Fenlandia is An online project time-coding landscape, commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Norwich School of Art and Design for Silicon Fen. For 12 months from May 2004, a webcam was placed on the roof of the Anchor Inn, a 17th-century coaching inn in the heart of rural England, part of an area known as Silicon Fen. the webcam recorded images a pixel per second, thus the final image was made up of individual pixels collected over a total of 21.33 hours.

Tate in Space Collins was appointed leader of this organization, designed to take the innovative work of Tate to a new level.



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