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Susan Northway Olasky
Born Susan Northway
(1954-08-30) August 30, 1954 (age 62)
Royal Oak, Michigan
Nationality American
Citizenship U.S.
Education B.A. University of Michigan, 1976
M.A. in Urban Affairs, University of Delaware, 1983
Occupation Journalist, teacher
Years active 1983-
Employer Patrick Henry College
Organization World magazine
Known for Historical novels
Notable work More Than Kindness: A Compassionate Approach to Crisis Childbearing
Board member of Care Net
Spouse(s) Marvin Olasky

Susan Northway Olasky (born August 30, 1954) is a senior writer for World magazine and the author of eight historical novels for children. She is also an assistant professor of public policy at Patrick Henry College.

Youth and education[edit]

Born Susan Northway[1] in Royal Oak, Michigan, United States, Olasky attended the University of Michigan where her liberal beliefs found a home on the Impeach Nixon campaign. After graduation in 1976, Olasky married Marvin Olasky, moved to California and became an evangelical.[citation needed] In 1983, Olasky received an M.A. in Urban Affairs from the University of Delaware in Newark Delaware, where she was a volunteer counselor at a crisis pregnancy center.

Career and works[edit]

Upon moving to Texas in 1983, Olasky founded the Austin Crisis Pregnancy Center and co-authored a number of articles opposing abortion as well as a book, More Than Kindness: A Compassionate Approach to Crisis Childbearing.[2] Olasky also wrote a regular column for the West Austin News during this time period. In the 1990s, Olasky chaired the board of Care Net, a national network of more than 1,050 crisis pregnancy centers.[3]

Olasky began writing for World in 1995 and in 1997, achieved notoriety for several cover stories reporting on a controversial gender-neutral Bible translation.[4]

In recent years, Olasky has served as World’s book editor, reviewing approximately 130 books each year. She has authored the Annie Henry and Will Northaway series of historical novels, in each case using a Revolutionary War setting.

On September 22, 2006, an $800 Jeopardy clue – “Susan Olasky has written a kids’ series about the adventures of Annie, daughter of this fiery Virginia orator” – was a triple stumper.[5]

Beginning with the Fall 2011 semester, Olasky is an associate professor of public policy at Patrick Henry College, where her husband also teaches.[6]



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