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Susceptibility may refer to:

Physics and engineering[edit]

In physics the susceptibility is a quantification for the change of an extensive property under variation of an intensive property. The word may refer to:

Health and medicine[edit]

  • In epidemiology, a susceptible individual is a member of a population who is at risk of becoming infected by a disease
  • In microbiology and pharmacology, antibiotic susceptibility (antibiotic sensitivity) is the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics

Botany and environmental science[edit]

  • Susceptibility to pathogens is the extent to which a plant, vegetation complex, or ecological community would suffer from a pathogen if exposed, without regard to the likelihood of exposure
    • It should not be confused with vulnerability, which by convention in this field takes into account both the effect of exposure and the likelihood of exposure

Military Science[edit]

The vulnerability of a target audience to particular forms of psychological operations approach.[1]

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