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Sutermeister is a comparatively rare Swiss German/Swabian surname, found in Zofingen and Schöftland.[citation needed]

Arnold Sutermeister of Zofingen emigrated to the United States in 1846, establishing the surname as Swiss-American.

People called Sutermeister[edit]

Sutermeister-Moehrlen-Muhlberg family[edit]

Christophe Moehrlen
Agathe Ernestine Moehrlen
Otto Sutermeister
Friedrich Mühlberg
Emilie Sutermeister
Eugen Sutermeister
Paul Sutermeister
Werner Sutermeister
Friedrich Sutermeister
Maria Hunziker
(?)(cousin of Hans Hunziker)
Max Mühlberg
Hans Martin Sutermeister
Heinrich Sutermeister
Peter Sutermeister
Sutermeister-Moehrlen-Muhlberg family:[1] on the picture: Otto Sutermeister with his sons Fredy, Eugen, Werner and Paul, as well as his father-in-law Christophe Moehrlen.

Other Sutermeisters[edit]