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Sutter County Library (formerly called the Sutter County Free Library) is a public library system that serves the residents of Sutter County, California. It operates four branches throughout the county including the main branch located in Yuba City, California.[1][2]

The library celebrated its centennial in 2017.[3] The library's original building was acquired, renovated and filled with books for use as a library at a cost of $6,437.00 in 1927 when the county's population was 10,115. The funds came from the county's general fund and school budgets.[4] In 2017 the library had over 40,000 cardholders, and the population of Sutter County as of 2010 was 94,737.[5][6]

The Sutter County library system offers a wide range of programs, including literacy programs, citizenship and English literacy classes for immigrants applying for naturalization, and children's activities including programs that help them gain reading skills.[7][8][9][10][11][12]



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