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Suwawa is an area that is also a kingdom named Tuwawa that have formed since the 4th century. However, the Kingdom is known around the year 700 AD or in the 8th century.

The name "Suwawa" or "Tuwawa" comes from the word Tuwawa'a (Language of Suwawa) or Tuwawu (Language of Gorontalo), which means one. Essentially word of Towawa'a which mean 'one body. It's also known as a social union by genealogy, territorial, and cultural communities that integrated by family, region and culture. Suwawa also a town in Indonesia and the capital city of Bone Bolango Regency.

Coordinates: 0°33′N 123°12′E / 0.550°N 123.200°E / 0.550; 123.200