Suzanne Cocq

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Suzanne Cocq, born in Ixelles on June 12, 1894 and died in Etterbeek on July 12, 1979[1] is a painter of landscapes and still lifes, etcher and Belgian wood engraver.[2]


Cocq trained at the school in Ixelles where she studied decorative arts from 1907 to 1910 then applied arts, illustration, bookbinding and illumination, then followed the courses of Constant Montald at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She shone particularly in gouache painting. According to Eugène De Seyn, she is endowed with a "delicate talent which denotes feeling and emotion and has a decorative sense[3]". Her style is distinguished by “a certain naivety of the linear technique and a range of tender colors”.[4]


Suzanne Cocq, is the daughter of Fernand Cocq, mayor of Ixelles. She had married the painter and engraver Maurice de Brocas de Lanause (1892-1948) who signed Maurice Brocas.


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