Suzanne Renaud

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Suzanne Renaud
Born 1889
Lyon, France
Died 1964
Havlíčkův Brod, Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic
Nationality French
Occupation Poet
Grave of Suzanne Renaud and Bohuslav Reynek in Svatý Kříž, part of Havlíčkův Brod

Suzanne Renaud (born 1889 in Lyon, France; died 1964, in Havlíčkův Brod) was a French poet and translator.


Renaud moved from her native Lyon to Grenoble in 1894, and during the war she worked at the military infirmary there. In 1926 she married the Czech poet Bohuslav Reynek in Grenoble, who had come to seek her permission to translate her poetry in 1923.[1] For the next ten years they divided their time between France and Czechoslovakia, settling in the latter country definitively in 1936. She translated her husband's works into French, as he did for her. In the years 1947–1959 she corresponded with the French writer Henri Pourrat. She also translated the Czech poets Vladimír Holan and František Halas into French.

They had two sons: Daniel Reynek (1928–2014), a photographer, and Jiří Reynek (1929–2014), a graphic artist, poet and translator.[2]


  • Ta vie est là (Saint-Félicien-en-Vivarais: éditions du Pigeonnier, 1922)
  • Ailes de cendre (Pardubice: Vokolek, 1932), with illustrations by Bohuslav Reynek
  • Křídla z popele (Pardubice: Vokolek, 1935), translation of Ailes de cendre by Reynek
  • Victimae laudes (Pardubice: Vokolek, 1938), poetry collection
  • Dveře v přítmí (Kroměříž: Magnificat, 1946), translation by Reynek
  • Chvála oběti poems translated into Czech by Bohuslav Reynek (Brno: Atlantis, 1948)
  • Romarin ou Annette et Jean - Ballades et poésies populaires tchèques et moraves Renaud's translation of Czech and Moravian ballads and poetry


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