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Sväng Unterfahrt 2012-01-20-001.jpg
Sväng at Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich/Germany in year 2012
Background information
Origin Finland
Genres Folk
Instruments Harmonica, Mouth organ
Years active 2003 - present
Labels Gelileo MusicCommunication
Website [1]
Members Eero Turkka (chromatic and diatonic harmonicas)
Eero Grundström (chromatic and diatonic harmonicas)
Pasi Leino (bass harmonica)
Jouko Kyhälä (chord harmonica “Harmonetta”, chromatic and diatonic harmonicas)

Sväng is a Finnish quartet with each member of the group playing a harmonica and other mouth organ. They were formed in 2003 by Jouko Kyhälä and have released five albums since that date.

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