Sværholt Peninsula

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Sværholt Peninsula
Honningsvaag Altsula.JPG
View of the Sværholt Peninsula in far right background
Nordkapp map.png
The Sværholt Peninsula lies between the Porsangerfjorden and Laksefjorden
Location Finnmark, Norway
Coordinates 70°46′59″N 26°25′59″E / 70.78306°N 26.43306°E / 70.78306; 26.43306Coordinates: 70°46′59″N 26°25′59″E / 70.78306°N 26.43306°E / 70.78306; 26.43306

The Sværholt Peninsula[1][2][3] (Norwegian: Sværholthalvøya) is a peninsula in Finnmark county, Norway. The peninsula lies between the Porsangerfjorden and Laksefjorden in the municipalities of Nordkapp, Lebesby, and Porsanger. The 70-kilometre (43 mi) peninsula has some settlements, mostly on the inner part of the peninsula. Veidnes and Brenna are two of the larger settlements on the Sværholt Peninsula. The lake Kjæsvannet lies in the central part of the peninsula.[4]


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