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Sven Säfwenberg bandy goaltender

Sven Otto "Sleven" Säfwenberg (born May 21, 1898 Uppsala, died January 15, 1950 in Gävle, Sweden) was a Swedish bandy goaltender.

Säfwenberg underwent education in Påhlmans Handelsinstitut, Stockholm, in 1923 and then had various jobs in the sports equipment industry in Germany, Czechoslovakia and Sweden during 1920-27. In 1927 he started in own-account the production and sale of bandy sticks and balls.

Sven Säfwenberg played in two clubs, IK Sirius and IFK Uppsala. Sune Almkvist persuaded him to choose IFK Uppsala, where he took over the goalkeeper spot for Seth Howander, which instead became a right defencemen. Säfwenberg conquered seven Swedish championships in bandy, the first in 1915, and about 500 prices in athletics, swimming, football, bandy and sailing.

Säfwenber earned the Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal in 1933. This is still the only awarded medal in bandy.

Sven Säfwenberg was also awarded the Stora Grabbars Märke in bandy with number 1.

He played one match for Sweden's national team in ice hockey in 1921 and became European Champion.

Sven Säfwenberg was brother of David Säfwenberg.


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