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Sven Bømwøllen is the first instalment of a series of humorous German computer games released in the 2000s, all concerning the sexual behaviour of the titular character, a black sheep named Sven Bømwøllen, 'Baumwolle' is the German word for cotton.

The game[edit]


The game is set in Northern Europe, presumably in a country where a North Germanic language is spoken. The player controls Sven, the only black sheep, and, at the same time, apparently the only male sheep of a flock owned by a shepherd called Lars Einnicken. It is Sven's task to mate with the white sheep, which will disappear after reaching a state of happiness resulting in points being awarded to the player. To clear a level, Sven must make all the white sheep disappear.

As in many computer games, there are various enemies whom Sven has to avoid and various extras he can pick up to gain special powers. Sven can always avoid enemies by jumping into a river, lake or puddle, which will not cost a life, but results in him reappearing elsewhere on the screen.

The humour in the game and hence its popularity stems from its funny content, the cartoon-style graphics and the funny names of the characters.

Characters beside Sven[edit]

The white sheep[edit]

The female white sheep are entirely passive most of the time and await Sven's attention. Their current "happiness" status is shown by a sun and cloud symbol above their head. If that symbol turns into a lightning symbol (due to Sven's lack of attention, or because he ate a foul-smelling mushroom), they turn red, grow horns, run around and electrocute Sven, which, in itself, merely causes a loss of points, but will also paralyze him for a short while which may allow an enemy to capture him. Before they turn red, Sven can whistle to them to cheer them up.

Also, when the clock showing the time within which Sven is supposed to finish the current level reaches zero, the sheep will turn angry, or a UFO will start abducting them.

From Sven II onwards, one of the sheep, known as Frigidia, needs Sven's attention for a particularly long time before she becomes happy and disappears. In Sven XXX and Sven 004, these Sheep unlock new poses if engaged without interruption.

In some levels, there are also mer-sheep, which will appear on the shore for a moment (in Sven I after he jumped into the river).

Lars Einnicken[edit]

Lars Einnicken (meaning Lars Nod-off), the shepherd, appears to be very old and sleepy, which is why he dozes most of the time and walks around only slowly. He objects to Sven's behaviour, but will not attack him unless Sven is presently engaging in lewd conduct with a sheep. Of all Sven's enemies, Lars is probably the least dangerous. From game 2 onwards, Lars will drink any wine bottles he finds, falling asleep immediately. Given his short range of sight and slow speed, they are the most unreliable distraction.


Wøtan, whose name is apparently a pun on the Nordic god Wotan, is the shepherd's dog. He walks around the flock at moderate speed, but starts to run when he sees Sven. He is the most important enemy Sven needs to avoid, as being caught will result in the loss of a life. Occasionally, Wøtan will fall asleep, which gives Sven time to take care of the sheep. From game 2 onward, Wøtan will be distracted if he finds a bone.

In the first game of the series, Sven can also mate with the dog while the latter is asleep, but only on higher levels (from level 3 upwards in the free version, later in the full version). This is particularly dangerous as the player has to estimate when the dog will wake up, unless he wishes to risk a life. However, it will also result in the player getting many points (Just watch the icon or else Sven will be turned into the female in the encounter.).


Occasionally, an alien flying saucer will appear and try to capture sheep with a tractor beam, apparently for purposes of experiments. In game 1, Sven will temporarily gain superpowers if captured. In later games of the series, the aliens serve mainly to get rid of enemies, especially the dog.

In some of the games, there are also levels set in the flying saucer, where Sven has to avoid the aliens.


From game 2 onward, Brømse, Lars's granddaughter, will sometimes walk around the flock and try to catch Sven. While this will not result in the loss of a life, it costs twenty seconds of the time available to finish the level, and may increase the risk of the dog catching Sven. Brømse will be distracted if she finds a teddy bear. Clever players can direct Brømse so she catches the dog instead.

In Sven 004, the player can also decide to start the game as Brømse, in which case the task is to get rid of the white sheep by cuddling them.

Short-sighted hunters[edit]

In Sven 004, there are also short-sighted hunters on some levels, who will sometimes fire their guns at random. Being hit will cost a life. If a white sheep is shot she's killed on the spot (A real pain if you're trying to score with every one of them.)

Games of the Sven series[edit]

Sven Bømwøllen[edit]

Sven Bømwøllen (2002) is the first game of the series and the simplest one. The game is set on a simple meadow with some trees, bushes, puddles and a river.

All levels look the same and only differ in the number of sheep, the possibility of mating with the dog (on higher levels) and the occasional presence of the flying saucer (on even higher levels).

There is also an Easter or Øster-Editiøn version of the game which replaces all mushroom pickups with Easter eggs.

Sven Zwo[edit]

In the second game (2003), there are different-looking and larger levels for the first time. The game offers many new animals such as pigs and chickens as Sven's potential love interests. In this game, Brømse appears for the first time. There are also some levels set inside a flying saucer.

Sven XXX[edit]

Sven XXX (2004) adds multiplayer and bonus levels where you play as an Alien or Lars.

Sven 004[edit]

Sven 004 (2004) offers new features, such as levels spanning multiple screens, new enemies such as the short-sighted hunters, cars that Sven needs to avoid when crossing a road, and a lawnmower he can use as transport. You can also play as Brømse, Wøtan, Lars or Aliens, each of them (except for Wøtan) having their own vehicle.

Sven Kommt[edit]

Sven Kommt (2005) is a departure from the other games in the fact that the game is more of a platformer than a normal Sven game (despite the fact that the objective is still the same: giving the white sheep plenty of happiness) and replaces the 2-D sprites with 3-D characters and scenery.

Sven: Gut zu Vögeln[edit]

Sven: Gut zu Vögeln is a direct sequel to Sven Kommt and also a platformer. It contains much more distinct levels and an additional objective: to free the birds that are locked in cages.

Mach’s noch einmal, Sven[edit]

Mach's noch einmal, Sven returns to the original Sven premise, but with a twist: there are specific missions to complete, e.g. mate with a given number of sheep under the influence of a slowdown mushroom or have sex with Wotan a given amount of times. Failure to complete an objective will leave the player stranded on an uncompletable level.

iOS version - Sven Bømwøllen Forplay[edit]

The iOS version of Sven Bømwøllen Forplay is developed by SIS software d.o.o. Game is available in Apple App store. The game Sven Bømwøllen - Foreplay is available at Apple Store:

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