Swamp of Love

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Swamp of Love
Studio album by Deja Voodoo
Released 1986
Recorded July 30-31 1986, Og Studios
Genre Garage rock
Label Og
Deja Voodoo chronology
Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die
(1985)Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die1985
Swamp of Love
The Worst of Deja Voodoo
(1987)The Worst of Deja Voodoo1987
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Swamp of Love is the third studio album released by the Canadian garage rock band Deja Voodoo.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Blast Off!"
  2. "Endless Sleep"
  3. "New Kind of Mambo"
  4. "Pig Fat Papa"
  5. "Place I Live"
  6. "White Sugar"
  7. "Wasn't That a Fish"
  8. "Love Me Now"
  9. "Shoobedy Hey"
  10. "Coelecanth" [sic]
  11. "Three Men, One Coffin"
  12. "Swamp of Love"
  13. "Baby Please Don't Go"
  14. "Cat That's Gone to the Dogs"
  15. "Black Dress"
  16. "Bad Book"
  17. "Carfish"
  18. "Stuff"
  19. "Dead Daddy Dead"
  20. "Where I've Been (Tonight)"
  21. "Don't Let No Ning Heads in Your Home"
  22. "Viet Cong"

Source Carruthers.


  • Tony Dewald, drums
  • Gerard van Herk, guitar/voice


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