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Swan Village is a village, now part of West Bromwich, England. The population taken at the 2011 census can be found in the West Bromwich listing.

It is now divided by the Black Country New Road and was the site of the Swan Village Gas Works.[1] Nearby was the junction of the Ridgacre Branch with the Wednesbury Old Canal, both now disused.

When the Great Bridge line closed in 1964 as a result of the Beeching Axe with[2] Swan Village Station eventually facing closure in 1972.[3] A level crossing was situated at one end of the former station, and Black Lake tram stop on the Midland Metro route is situated on the other side of this crossing.


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Coordinates: 52°31′37″N 2°00′58″W / 52.527°N 2.016°W / 52.527; -2.016