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Swatis are a pashtun tribe that holds major land holdings in Pakhli and Nindhiyar areas in Mansehra and Battagram districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa.

They were masters of Swat when Swat was ruled by Jahangeeri Sultans from Achemanids Gaberi ancestory. The tribe came from Dara e Peech near present Pak-Afghan border under Ghaznavids and Ghoris.

With more population influx from present Pashtun regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the pastoral tribes striving to settle in Swat, the tribe moved to Upper Swat Valley and eventually to Pakhli ) cis Indus Hazara division of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa to fight against Doma Hindus and their Turk masters. Their commander in this campaign in Hazara was Akhun Salak Kabulgrami. However, the land distribution amongst the clans of this tribe was made by Syed Jalal Baba who held the daftar of Pakhli due to his relationship with the Turk Sultan of the area.

The tribe speaks Pashto and follows strict Pakhtunwali called Swatiwali by them while some of them even speak hindko.

The tribe is distributed amongst many Sections and Subsections called Qoum, Khel, and Kor.


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