Swayang Professor Shonku

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Swayang Professor Shonku
Swayang Professor Shonku front cover
Swayang Professor Shonku front cover
Author Satyajit Ray
Illustrator Satyajit Ray
Country India
Language Bengali
Series Professor Shonku
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Ananda Publishers
Publication date

Swayang Professor Shonku (None other than Professor Shonku)[1] is a Professor Shonku series book written by Satyajit Ray and published by Ananda Publishers in 1980.[2] Ray wrote the stories on Professor Shanku in Bengali magazine Sandesh and Anandamela. This book is a collection of three of Shonku stories.


  • Monro Dweeper Rahasya (Anandamela, Autumn 1977),
  • Compu (Anandamela, Autumn 1978),
  • Ek Shringa Abhijan, (Sandesh, December 1973 April 1974)

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