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Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice (Swedish: Svenska Muslimer för Fred och Rättvisa, SMFR) is a Swedish Muslim self-described peace organization. It was founded in 2008 by a group including the Swedish Parliamentarian Mehmet Kaplan and is today[when?] one of the largest peace groups in Sweden It is headed by former Green Party politician Yasri Khan.[1] Kaplan has since been forced to resign from the Swedish Cabinet due to his association with advocates of violent attacks on Armenians and connections to Islamist militants in Turkey.[2][3]

In the years 2015-2017 SMPJ received state subsidies from the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society according to the latter's 2017 annual report.[4]

SMPJ is a supporting organisation to Ship to Gaza Sweden.[5]

The group has been active with educational and leadership programs.[6] It also has some international work[7][8] in Egypt,[9][10] Thailand, Palestine etc. They work from a European Muslim perspective and go by the slogan "By Muslims for society".

According to a 2014 report by the government of the United Arab Emirates, in 2010 Tahir Akran of the Islamic Association in Sweden (Arabic: الرابطة الأسلامية في السويد) (Swedish: Islamiska förbundet i Sverige, IFiS), a group listed by the UAE as a terrorist organization, decided to improve the reputation of the Islamic Association by encouraging its members to participate in the SMPJ.[11]


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