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The Swedish constitution of 1974 allows the Prime Minister of Sweden to appoint one of the Ministers in the cabinet as Deputy Prime Minister (biträdande statsminister, also unofficially known as vice statsminister, "Vice Prime Minister"), in case the Prime Minister for some reason is prevented from performing his or her duties. However, if a Deputy Prime Minister has not been appointed, the Minister in the cabinet who has served the longest time (and if there are several with equal experience the one who is oldest) takes over as head of government. Note that the person acting as Prime Minister does not do so on a permanent basis: if a Prime Minister dies, resigns or loses a vote of confidence in the Riksdag, the Speaker of the Riksdag will then confer with the parties of the Riksdag and propose a new Prime Minister, who must be tolerated by a majority of the Riksdag. If the Prime Minister has resigned or lost a vote of confidence, he or she will remain the head of a government ad interim until the new Prime Minister assumes his or her office. The only case where the governmental line of succession becomes relevant is when the Prime Minister dies (upon which the person next in the line of succession serves as the head of a government ad interim) or when the Prime Minister is on leave or for any other reason incapable of serving, but still remains in office. This might be compared to the Presidential line of succession in the United States, where the person next in line assumes the Presidency throughout the remainder of the term if the President dies, resigns or is impeached.

Present succession[edit]

Name Party Current title Serving years as minister Served since Born
Incumbent Stefan Löfven Social Democrats Prime Minister 2014 1957
1 Margot Wallström Social Democrats Deputy Prime Minister (acting), Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Nordic Cooperation 9 years 2014 & 2016 1954
2 Ylva Johansson Social Democrats Minister for Employment 8 years 2014 1964
3 Morgan Johansson Social Democrats Minister for Justice, Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy 6 years 2014 1970
4 Ibrahim Baylan Social Democrats Minister for Energy and Government Coordination 4 years 2014 & 2016 1972
5 Sven-Erik Bucht Social Democrats Minister for Rural Affairs 2 years, 251 days 2014 1954
6 Peter Hultqvist Social Democrats Minister for Defence 2 years, 251 days 2014 1958
7 Isabella Lövin Green Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, Vice Prime Minister (honorary title) 2 years, 251 days 2014 1963
8 Åsa Regnér Social Democrats Minister for Children and the Elderly, Minister for Gender Equality 2 years, 251 days 2014 1964
9 Magdalena Andersson Social Democrats Minister for Finance 2 years, 251 days 2014 1967
10 Helene Hellmark Knutsson Social Democrats Minister for Higher Education and Research 2 years, 251 days 2014 1969
11 Anders Ygeman Social Democrats Minister for Home Affairs 2 years, 251 days 2014 1970
12 Anna Johansson Social Democrats Minister for Infrastructure 2 years, 251 days 2014 1971
13 Per Bolund Green Minister for Financial Markets 2 years, 251 days 2014 1971
14 Mikael Damberg Social Democrats Minister for Enterprise 2 years, 251 days 2014 1971
15 Alice Bah Kuhnke Green Minister for Culture 2 years, 251 days 2014 1971
16 Annika Strandhäll Social Democrats Minister for Social Security 2 years, 251 days 2014 1975
17 Ardalan Shekarabi Social Democrats Minister for Public Administration 2 years, 251 days 2014 1978
18 Gustav Fridolin Green Minister for Education 2 years, 251 days 2014 1983
19 Gabriel Wikström Social Democrats Minister for Public Health, Healthcare and Sports 2 years, 251 days 2014 1985
20 Peter Eriksson Green Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Minister for Information Technology 1 year, 17 days 2016 1958
21 Ann Linde Social Democrats Minister for European Union Affairs and Trade 1 year, 17 days 2016 1961
22 Karolina Skog Green Minister for the Environment 1 year, 17 days 2016 1976
23 Anna Ekström Social Democrats Minister for Upper Secondary School, Adult Education and Training 271 days 2016 1959