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SweetWorks is a candy and chocolate manufacturer. The company formed in 2002 by the merger of Oakleaf Confections of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Niagara Chocolates of Buffalo, New York; and Whetstone Candy Company, based in St. Augustine, Florida. [1] Before the merger the company was known as Niagara Chocolates, "a leading fund-raising and speciality chocolate manufacturer."[2] Sixlets was acquired from Hershey in 2003.[3] SweetWorks purchased the Ovation chocolate brand from Hershey Foods in January 2003.[2]

SweetWorks manufactures chocolate products for distribution to large retail outlets such as Walgreens and Kroger according to a former executive and makes "products made famous by Whetstone Chocolates" such as the Break-A-Part Orange and SeaShells.[1]

Niagara Chocolates[edit]

According to the SweetWorks website, Niagara Chocolates has been a family owned and operated candy manufacturer since 1956 and manufactures its product in Buffalo, New York

Oak Leaf Confections[edit]

According to the SweetWorks website Philip Terranova acquired Oak Leaf Confections, located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, in 1998; including The Oak Leaf Confections 148,000 sq. ft. production facility and "approximately 240 full-time" employees. Oak Leaf makes ball gum, tablet gum, pressed dextrose candy and jawbreakers.


Whetstone Chocolates was founded in 1967 by Henry Whetstone and Esther Whetstone of St. Augustine, Florida. Whetstone Chocolates sold all their stock holdings in SweetWorks in 2004[1] It had been part of SweetWorks formation in 2002 by merging with Oakleaf Confections of Toronto, Niagara Chocolates of Buffalo, N.Y., and Whetstone Candy Company, based in St. Augustine.[1]

Whetstone Chocolates sold all their stock holdings in SweetWorks in 2004.[1] Control of SweetWorks was acquired by Philip Terranova, of Buffalo, N.Y., who is a part owner of Niagara Chocolates and who is now president of SweetWorks. [1]


Sweet Works introduced kosher certified Florida Tropic Break-A-Part Oranges in milk chocolate toffee crunch, milk chocolate peppermint crunch, and milk chocolate almond in 2005. Each one with 18 wedges.[4]


On April 9th 2014, it was announced that Swiss candy manufacturer Chocolat Frey acquired the majority of SweetWorks shares, effective per January 1st, 2014.[5]


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