Sweet Diss and the Comebacks

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Sweet Diss and the Comebacks
Origin Ellensburg, Washington, U.S.
Genres Power pop, pop punk
Years active 2005–present
Website http://sweetdiss.com/
Members Nathan Reinauer
Lori Englehart
Josh Doolin
Tyler Cords

Sweet Diss and the Comebacks is a power pop band from Washington state. The band's sound is a mix of punk–influenced power pop with copious vocal harmonies and heavy guitar riffs. They are well known for the songs "Pam Pong" and "Dunder and Dwightning," both loving odes to The Office. "Pam Pong" was featured in the documentary Fandomicity about the television series The Office [1] and in the magazine Entertainment Weekly.[2] The band released their latest album Emerald City Love Song on March 1, 2012.[3]


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