Sweetwater Creek (novel)

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Sweetwater Creek is a novel by Anne Rivers Siddons. Published in 2005, it is the story of a girl named Emily who survives her mother's abandonment and her older brother's suicide. She finds purpose in training her father's spaniels and takes refuge in the magic of Sweetwater Creek. A new friend enters Emily's life in the person of Lulu, a troubled daughter of privilege whose secrets threaten to destroy Emily's beautiful new world.


  • Emily Parmenter
  • Lulu Foxworth
  • Buddy Parmenter - Emily's brother who committed suicide
  • Walter Parmenter - Emily's dad (can't even look at Emily because she looks just like her mother)
  • Elvis - Emily's dog
  • Cleta - Parmenter's maid
  • Jenny - Emily's aunt
  • Walt Junior - Emily's brother
  • Carter - Emily's brother
  • Caroline - Emily's mother who abandoned her (her mom is in Emily's dreams)
  • Yancey Bryd - Lulu's ex-boyfriend, raped her in the book, turned her towards alcohol