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A ball and a swingolf club
A Swingolf game in Iceland

Swingolf is a family-oriented variation of golf that has is played with a single golf club and softer, bigger balls, giving access to inexperienced and young players.[citation needed]

This sport is usually played casually, similar to mini-golf, but also has a league.[1]

The golf courses are usually less well-kept than normal courses.[citation needed] They are often planted with grass that fits local climate, reducing watering and maintenance and thus reducing cost.[citation needed]

This sport is mainly popular in Europe, especially in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Iceland.[2]

Differences with Golf[edit]

  • The fees to play Swingolf are usually much lower, ranging from €8 to €15 for an adult per game.[3][4]
  • It can be played by kids starting at 8 years old and family without prior experience after a 10 minute introduction.[5]
  • The balls, bigger than golf and made of soft polymeric foam, reduce the risk of injuries or damage in case of impact.
  • The game is played with a single club that is usually lent, reducing the hassle to carry several clubs.
  • The course is much smaller than usual golf course and is ranging from 30,000 to 90,000m2.[6]
  • The course is usually less kept than traditional golf, reducing maintenance cost and water usage.
  • Due to the less kept course, ball trajectory might be less predictable.
  • The range is shorter due to the bigger and softer ball to about 150–200 meters for a strike. Swingolf is easier than golf for kids.


Swingolf was created in 1982 by Laurent de Vilmorin and mainly expanded in western Europe in countries where golf is expensive.[7]


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