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Swiss Lottery and Betting Board (Comlot)
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Government agency overview

The Swiss Lottery and Betting Board (or Comlot; Interkantonale Lotterie- und Wettkommission in German, Commission intercantonale des loteries et paris in French, Commissione intercantonale delle lotterie e scommesse in Italian) is the licensing and supervisory Body for so-called large-scale Gambling activities, i.e. lotteries, sports betting and skill-based games run intercantonally, online or by automated means.

Comlot is a body established by the concordat (Swiss Intercantonal Convention on Licensing and Supervision of Intercantonal and National Lotteries and Bets, IVLW[1]) between the Swiss Cantons regarding lotteries and bets. It has its seat in Berne.

Founding and organisation[edit]

Comlot commenced its certification and oversight tasks on July 1, 2006.[2][3][1]


The Commission of Comlot, the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board, consists of five members including ist President, Jean-François Roth. The Comlot President and Commission members are proposed by the Swiss cantonal Executives; they are elected by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors - Lottery Market and Lottery Act FDKL.[4]


The Commission of Comlot relies upon the services of a permanent secretariat. The Comlot secretariat prepares commission transactions, submits motions and implements ist decisions. As of June 2019, the secretariat employs 16 people. Manuel Richard is the director of the secretariat.[4]



Comlot is responsible for licensing large-scale gambling (i.e. lotteries, sports betting and skill-based games) run online, intercantonally or by automated means. Before granting a License, Comlot evaluates the addictive potential of the lottery, betting or skill game envisaged. Depending on such evaluation, Comlot may demand additional protective measures from the operator.[3][5]


Comlot monitors large-scale gambling in Switzerland comprehensively and is actively involved in the fight against illegal large-scale activities. Monitoring of licensed skill games, lotteries and sports betting and their operators are further supervisory tasks of Comlot. The Gambling Act also entrusts Comlot with important responsibilities with regard to taking steps against competition manipulation in sports.[3][5]

Expertise for the cantons[edit]

For all gambling-related issues, Comlot is the contact of choice for media and the public.[3][5]


Comlot supervises the enforcement of the Federal Act on Gambling, of the Ordinance, and of the Swiss Intercantonal Convention. She ensures that residents of Switzerland can participate safely in lotteries, sports bets and skill-based gambling.

The legislator and its regulating bodies focus especially on gambling-related problems (in particular on gambling addiction) and gambling-related criminality (in particular on game manipulation and money laundering). At the same time, these regulations are intended to ensure that the state will receive a large portion of the proceeds from gambling activities, whereby all benefits generated from lotteries and bets must be used for welfare.[3][5]


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