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Developer(s) StudyLamp Software
Stable release
8.0 / March 16, 2016
Operating system Windows
Type Bible study application
License Proprietary
Website SwordSearcher.com

SwordSearcher is a Bible software package that runs on Windows.


SwordSearcher was originally written for DOS in 1994 by Brandon Staggs under the name Bible Assistant. When Windows 95 was released, version 3 was released as a Windows program called SwordSearcher 95 and was apparently the first 32 bit Windows Bible Software available.[1]

A port to the Mac OS was started [2] but was later canceled.[3]

A SwordSearcher module compiler, called Forge, is available.

Reviews and awards[edit]

In 2007, 2008, and 2009, SwordSearcher was awarded the Shareware Industry Awards People's Choice for Best Hobby or Personal Interest software.[4]

It is one of About.com's top 10 bible programs.[5]


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