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Sybil Ruscoe (born 8 August 1960) is an English radio and television presenter.

Ruscoe was born in Wem, Shropshire, and began her career on the Express & Star newspaper in Wolverhampton. She then moved to Radio Wyvern in Worcester, Beacon Radio and BBC Radio Shropshire. She was teamed with Simon Mayo on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show in 1989. She also started presenting television during this period, including Top of the Pops, which she presented once in 1988 and six times in 1989.[1]

In 1990, she took over the evening news show News 90, which then became News 91, News 92 and News 93 over the three years that it was broadcast. In 1994, Ruscoe was the first presenter hired by BBC Radio 5 Live and presented the afternoon show for five years.[citation needed] In 1999, she joined Channel 4 to become the first woman to present cricket on TV, and was named Cosmopolitan Inspirational Woman of the Year.[citation needed] Since 1999, Ruscoe has written for the Daily Telegraph.[citation needed]

In July 2003, she joined BBC Radio 2, taking over from Lynn Parsons on the weekend overnight slot. She remained here until July 2004.[citation needed] As of 2013, she runs her own media company, Sybil Ruscoe Media, with her husband, Tom Knight,[2] the former athletics correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. She is also a regular presenter of Farming Today on BBC Radio 4.[3]

She is also writing a novel based on her life in radio, and a radio play. Ruscoe is a supporter of Stoke City F.C.[4]


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