Sybren Klazes Sybrandi

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Sybren Klazes Sybrandi
Sybrandi's name as "teacher, called 1807" in the Doopsgezinde kerk, Haarlem

Sybren Klazes Sybrandi (1772, Leeuwarden – 17 June, 1854, Haarlem) was a Dutch Mennonite teacher and minister.

He was trained at the Amsterdam Mennonite seminary and first served in Nijmegen 1805-1807 before moving to Haarlem where he became the father of the Sybrandi family of Haarlem Mennonites.[1] Sybrandi served in Haarlem in the church and the Algemeene Doopsgezinde Sociëteit (ADS) until retirement in 1849. From 1812 he was also a member of the Teylers First Society. He retired in 1827 to become a director of Teylers Stichting. His son Klaas Sybrandi later also filled these positions.