University of Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy

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Faculty of Pharmacy
Type Public
Established 1899
Dean Iqbal Ramzan
Location Camperdown / Darlington, New South Wales, Australia
Affiliations University of Sydney
The Faculty of Pharmacy building

The Faculty of Pharmacy is a constituent body of the University of Sydney, Australia. The first Faculty of Pharmacy in Australia, it began teaching in 1899 with cohorts of 'Materia Medica,' with the introduction of the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree itself in 1960.[1] The faculty is one of the smaller at the University, and is positioned with its own building, the sandstone Pharmacy and Bank Building, with associated laboratories and academic staff wings below and around. The structure itself is so named because it was rebuilt on the campus grounds, piece by piece, from the facade of the then Commercial Banking Company previously located in Martin Place, in Sydney's CBD, and donated to the University in 1923.[2]

The Faculty offers four degrees. At undergraduate level, the Faculty offers a four-year Bachelor of Pharmacy coursework degree. At postgraduate level, it offers the Master of Pharmacy coursework degree, and the Master of Philosophy (Pharmacy) and Doctor of Philosophy research degrees. The Bachelor degree expanded from a three-year to a four-year program in 1996.


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