Sydney Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial

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Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial Project was founded by a group of community activists. Over the years they raised funds and decided, with South Sydney City Council, on the site at Green Park in Darlinghurst, in Sydney, Australia. Darlinghurst is considered the heart of Sydney's gay and lesbian population. Green Park is adjacent to the Sydney Jewish Museum, which ensures that the memorial retains its historic meaning.

The memorial, in the form of a pink triangle with black poles, was designed by Russell Rodrigo and Jennifer Gamble[1][2], of Chris Matthews and Associates Architects. And constructed by Urban Art Projects, led by Robert Chatwin, for the South Sydney City Council. It was constructed over a period of months in 2000 and its dedication ceremony was on Tuesday, 27 February 2001, when the memorial was handed over to the custodianship of the Sydney Pride Centre. The dedicational speech was held by the well-known Australian lawyer Marcus Einfeld.[3]

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