Sylvana Lorenz

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Sylvana Lorenz
Sylvana Lorenz.jpg
Sylvana Lorenz
Born Sylvana Lorenz
February 14, 1953
Nationality French
Known for Mixed-media
Movement (French) Esthétique de la communication

Sylvana Lorenz (born on February 14, 1953) is a French art dealer, writer and artist in charge of communication for Pierre Cardin space since 1998.[1]


  • 1991: L'ingénue galeriste, Editions Antoine Candau.
  • 1993: La galeriste avertie, Z'editions, Nice.
  • 2001: La galeriste extravertie, Z'éditions, Nice.
  • 2003: A nous deux, Paris !, Éditions Flammarion, Paris.
  • 2006 : Biographie de Pierre Cardin, Editions Calmann-Lévy, Paris.


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