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Sylvanus Charles Breyfogel was an American Bishop of the Evangelical Association, elected in 1891.

Birth and family[edit]

Sylvanus Breyfogel was born 20 July 1851 in Reading, Pennsylvania. He was the son of the Rev. and Mrs. Seneca Breyfogel. In 1877 Breyfogel married[who?] Boas and together they had two sons and four daughters. One of their daughters married the Rev. Dr. G.B. Kimmel, sometime President of the Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, Illinois. Another daughter married the Rev. G.E. Schnabel, later the Pastor of the Albright Memorial E.A. Church, Washington, D.C.


Breyfogel was licensed to Preach by the East Pennsylvania Annual Conference of the Evangelical Association. He was ordained in 1873. He served as a Pastor and as a District Superintendent until his election to the Episcopacy.

Breyfogel was made a Bishop by the 1891 General Conference of the Evangelical Association, meeting in Indianapolis. He served in this office for thirty-nine years. He retired at the General Conference of 1930, meeting in Milwaukee.

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