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Symon is both a surname and given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Don Symon (born 1960), New Zealand Olympic rower
  • Jim Symon, Scottish radio presenter
  • Josiah Symon (1846–1934), Scottish-Australian lawyer and politician
  • Keith Symon (born 1920), American physicist
  • Michael Symon (born 1969), American restaurant and television chef
  • Mike Symon (born 1969), Australian politician from Deakin; Parliament member since 2007
  • Paul Symon (born 1960), senior officer in the Australian Army
  • Peter Symon, Australian politician
  • Scot Symon (1911–1985), Scottish professional football manager
  • Vanda Symon (born 1969), New Zealand crime writer and radio host

Given name[edit]

  • Symon Budny (c. 1530–1593), Polish-Belarusian humanist, educator, philosopher, sociologist and historian
  • Symon Gould (died 1963), American Vegetarian Party founder
  • Symon Hill, British activist and journalist
  • Symon Petliura (1879–1926), Ukrainian politician, statesman, writer, and journalist
  • Symon Sadik Bangladeshi film actor
  • Symon Semeonis, 14th-century Irish Franciscan friar and author

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