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Public with a Management Board and Supervisory Board
Industry Information Technology, Software
Founded 1998
Founder Christophe Corne
Headquarters Sausheim (Alsace), France
Key people
Christophe Corne – Chairman of Directors & Founder
Emmanuel Theotime – Director, Research and Development
Rémi Gamel – International Sales Director
Xavier Hameroux – Sales Director (France)
Products Desktop and Application Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Remote Access Security Software
Number of employees

Systancia is a French software publisher specialising in desktop and application virtualisation, cloud computing and remote access security solutions.[1] The company founded in 1998, is located in Sausheim, France. Systancia is an alternative solution in the marketplace in France and Europe.[2][3]

Systancia acquired IPdiva at the end of 2013, that provides security solutions.[4]

Recently, the French Deposits and Consignments Fund (now known as BPI) added finance into Systancia’s capital with the already present A Plus,[5] enabling accelerated conditions for its international development.[6]


Systancia's earliest developments date back to 1998, following the research work performed by Christophe Corne with a view to creating new types of low-cost, multi-processor computers (Intel). The founding idea behind the company, which took shape after this work, was to create the AppliDis application, providing administration for the remote execution of user applications on the most available servers and desktops: a simple software tool making redundant resources available to companies for the execution of their usual applications. The market targeted by this development is that of application centralisation or virtualisation.[7]

Systancia has also entered Deloitte's 2010 Technology Fast 500 EMEA list, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in EMEA. The company ranked Number 268 thanks to its 658% revenue growth over the last 5 years.

At the end of 2013 to where Systancia acquires IPdiva, a French publisher of security solutions[8]


AppliDis - Application and desktop virtualization[edit]

AppliDis Administration Console
Console d'administration AppliDis.png
AppliDis Administration Console Screenshot
Stable release AppliDis Fusion 5 / 2015
Type Application and Desktop Virtualization
License Proprietary

Developed by Systancia, AppliDis is a virtualisation software that incorporates both application and desktop virtualization as a single product, with management through a single web console.[9] The latest version, AppliDis Fusion 5, was released on 20th May 2015.[10]

The application virtualization is based on Microsoft Windows Terminal Services (via the RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol). The desktop virtualization (also called Virtual Desktop or VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is based on the exchange with different hypervisors such as ESX, VMware Vcenter, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Parallels Inc., Virtual Iron. AppliDis Fusion 4 is application transparent, meaning it can manage and virtualise all Windows applications and desktops ( Windows operating system: XP, Vista, Seven, Windows 8, Windows 10 or under Windows RDS).[11]

Technical description

  • Single administration HTML 5 console provides 360° view of the infrastructure
  • AppliDis Booster ensures quick access times to applications
  • AppliDis BoxOnAir is a mobile application that allows user to “carry” applications and, load them back onto another device
  • AppliDis Provision Server allows to deploy and maintain datacenter application farms
  • AppliDis Toolbox is a set of technical and system tools to simplify daily management.
  • Intelligent Load Balancing allows the prediction of usage by analysing past user behaviour and balances resource requirements accordingly
  • Threshold configuration for load balancing enables the exclusion of server thresholds
  • AppliDis MyApps is a Web 2.0 browser based collaborative tool which allows each user to request access to an application, and share notes and quotes about an application
  • Management and support devices (twain standard).
  • Incorporation of advanced multimedia functions such as video streaming, flash animation, DirectX and high quality bi-directional audio.

AppliDis ezPrint - Printing by using a centralised environment[edit]

AppliDis ezPrint (formerly AppliDis Universal Printer) is a universal printing software ( local or remote connection, centralised or virtualised architecture) that allows the administration of user print options with a single printer on the server. It provides compression features that reduce the size of print files from application servers to local printers.[12]

IPdiva Secure - External access protection, control and traceability[edit]

IPdiva Secure is a security software for all external access to IT system resources:

IPdiva Secure software is based on a distributed architecture, highly secure using a double security barrier :

  • IPdiva Server: It acts as a centralised gatekeeper for external access requests:single point of entry to the sites hosting the systems or access to published applications, mutual authentication and access control, central repository for all traces of remote access.
  • IPdiva Gateway: It acts as an interface between IPdiva Server and the applications, files or systems to be accessed remotely.

The communication is secured between IPdiva Server and IPdiva Gateway via an outgoing SSL server, without any intervention on the firewall or router in place.[13]

IPdiva Care - Check and record: surveillance and video recording[edit]

IPdiva Care is a security software that controls and records all actions (TSE/RDP VNC or SSH) carried out the sensitive servers.

Technology partners[edit]

Systancia's technology partners include OEMs, major software publishers and suppliers of complementary technologies.

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