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The Systematics Association
Systematics Association Logo.png
FormationMay 3, 1937
Legal statusRegistered charity 270429
PurposeSystematics & Taxonomy
David Williams
Formerly called
Committee on Systematics in Relation to General Biology

The Systematics Association (SystAss for short) is a charitable organisation based in the UK founded in 1937 for the promotion of the study of systematics and taxonomy. It publishes research, organises conferences, and provides competitive research funds[1] for systematics research.


The society arose from informal meetings held between Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew & John Innes Horticultural Institute (Merton) staff, leading to the formation of a joint zoological and botanical "Committee on Systematics in Relation to General Biology" on May 3, 1937.[2] The council then changed the name of the organisation to its present form. The original founding council included: Julian Huxley (Chairman), Hampton Wildman Parker (Zoological Secretary), and J. S. L. Gilmour (Botanical Secretary).[2]


It publishes book volumes on a variety of related topics in the Systematics Association Special Volume Series [3] and a newsletter for members called The Systematist.[4] An annual meeting especially for young researchers is usually held in the UK under its auspices as The Young Systematists' Forum.[5]


Membership of the society is open to all by subscription.[6] The Association's affairs are managed by a Council consisting of officers and members elected at annual general meetings. The officers are a President, a Secretary, a Meetings Secretary, a Grants & Awards Secretary, a Membership Secretary, a Treasurer, the Editor in Chief, a Newsletter Editor, and a Webmaster.[7]

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