Szécsényi family

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House of Szécsényi
Parent house gens Kacsics
Country Hungary
Founded 1313
Founder Thomas I
Final ruler Ladislaus III
Dissolution 1460

The Szécsényi was a noble family of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 14-15th centuries. The ancestor of the family, Thomas descended from the gens ("clan") Kacsics. He was one of the most powerful barons of King Charles I of Hungary and he hold several dignities during his reign. The family was named after its possession, Szécsény. The male line of the family ended in 1460.

Family tree[edit]

Thomas I
(fl. 1299–1354†)
1∞N Visontai
2∞Anna of Oświęcim
(1) Kónya
(fl. 1327–1367†)
∞Elizabeth Haschendorfer
(1) Michael
(fl. 1331–1377†)
(1) Stephen
(fl. 1331)
(2) Caspar
(fl. 1338–1346)
(2) Ladislaus I
(fl. 1339–1340)
(2) Anne
(b. 1354)
(fl. 1369–1408†)
1∞Catherine Kont
2∞Anne Liszkói
Nicholas I
(fl. 1369–1383)
(fl. 1373–1412†)
∞Elizabeth Garai
(1) Ladislaus II
(fl. 1387–1413†)
∞Anne Szécsi
(1) Elizabeth
(fl. 1405)
(2) Dorothea
(fl. 1410–1434)
∞Stibor II of Stiboricz
(2) Catherine
(b. 1413)
Nicholas II
(fl. 1401–1438†)
Thomas II
(fl. 1407)
(fl. 1418–1419†)
∞Sigismund Losonci
Ladislaus III
(fl. 1414–1460†)
∞Barbara Rozgonyi
(fl. 1435–1460)
∞Albert Losonci
(fl. 1437–1454†)
(fl. 1437)
(fl. 1454–1484)
1∞John Ország
2∞John Pető

Notable members of the family[edit]

  • Thomas Szécsényi (cca. 1285-1354), the son of Farkas Szécsényi, joined King Charles I against the powerful Máté Csák III in 1301. In 1342, he was appointed to the office of Master of the King's Treasury (tárnokmester) and in 1349, he became judge royal (országbíró).


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