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Rabbi Praying, by Szymon Buchbinder

Szymon Buchbinder (About this sound pronunciation , January 6, 1853 in Radzyń Podlaski, Congress Poland, Russian Empire –1908? in Berlin, Germany) was a Polish painter. He studied under Jan Matejko. There are two Simeon, Simon or Szymon Buchbinders both listed artists and both Polish. The first (1853 to 1908?) painted detailed typically 19th-century oil on panels in the order of 8x10 inches -"The Astronomer" sold London 1996 for £6600. The later 'Simeon' painted larger oil on panels in the order of 16x17 inches such as the Rabbi illustrated and "Woman with Grapes" in a more free 'art deco' style. In 2005 his 'Bein Schachspiel' sold in Munich for £3344 (plus commission).


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