Tánh Linh District

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Tanh Linh District
Huyện Tánh Linh
Rural district
Country Vietnam
Region Southeast
Province Bình Thuận
Capital Tánh Linh
 • Total 453 sq mi (1,174 km2)
Population (2003)
 • Total 99,679
 • Density 220/sq mi (84.9/km2)
Time zone Indochina Time (UTC+07:00)

Tánh Linh is a rural district of Bình Thuận Province in the Southeast region of Vietnam. As of 2003, the district had a population of 99,679.[1] The district covers an area of 1,174 km². The district capital lies at Lạc Tánh.[1] The district is famous for the Tánh Linh National Park.


Climate Tánh Linh has is a Tropical savanna climate

The climate of Tanh Linh district is temperate so the district climate is characterized by the transition between the rain regime of the South Central Coast and the southern delta. In other words, Tanh Linh climate is the buffer zone between the heavy rain center of the South (Di Linh Plateau) and coastal plains. However, the climate here is evident in two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season

Rainy season: Southern District first-May to first-November Low rainfall, average annual about 1,500–1,900 mm. And Northern District from late between-April to between-November The average annual rainfall is 2,185 mm, sometimes as high as 2,894 mm The rainy season buys many plants that grow and thrive, this is the main production season

Dry season: Southern District late-November to late-April next year and Northern late-Nov to fir-between-April next year Trees grow and grow poorly, many pests have a great impact on crop yields.

Climate data for Tánh Linh
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average rainfall mm (inches) 21
Average rainy days 2 0 0 5 13 18 20 18 21 18 13 5 133
[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 11°10′01″N 107°40′01″E / 11.167°N 107.667°E / 11.167; 107.667