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Gordon Murray Design T.25 RAC Future Car Challenge 1.jpg
Manufacturer Gordon Murray Design
Body and chassis
Body style 1-door city car
Engine Aluminium; 3 cyl; 0.66 L
Length 2.4 m
Width 1.3 m
Height 1.6 m
Curb weight 575 kg

The T.25 or Type 25 is a city car designed by Gordon Murray, who created the McLaren F1 supercar. The car made its first public appearance on June 28, 2010 at the UK's Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford.[1]


At 2.4 m (7' 10½") long, 1.3 m (4' 3") wide and 1.6 m (5' 3") high; the T.25 is smaller than Daimler AG's popular Smart.[2] The centralized driving position is also a feature of Murray's iconic McLaren F1; central instrumentation and controls are borrowed from Formula One. It is a Three Seater Car with a rear-mounted three-cylinder petrol engine.[1] From the details released by its designer Murray, three T.25s can be parked in one standard UK parallel parking space, thereby increasing much needed urban parking capacity; in addition, its compact size will allow two T.25s to travel side-by-side (theoretically) in one UK motorway lane.[3]

An electric version, called the T.27, was unveiled in June 2011.[4]

Both cars are expected to have a top speed of 65 miles per hour (105 km/h).[5]

Autocar Magazine Reported in August 2013 that the Murray T25 and T27 were confirmed for production, that the city cars project had been sold to manufacturer, and were estimated to be launched in 2016.[6]

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